Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 3 - Chase 2017

Day 3 (5/19/17): Woodward, Oklahoma to San Angelo, Texas (492 miles; 1678 total for trip)

This morning, SPC forecast showed an enhanced risked of severe storms in Oklahoma and Texas. At the forecast briefing, it was suggested that there would be severe storm activity near Wichita Falls, TX. The group left the hotel in Woodward, OK around 10 AM. Within in hour, we entered Texas; which was a first for a couple of the group members. After a quick lunch break and checking on storm development in Childress, Texas it was decided to head southeast toward central Texas in order to chase storms that were starting there. We stopped at Putoff Canyon around 5 pm and observed a storm continually recycle itself near Jayton, Texas. It was here we observe a beautiful landscape as well as growing anvil clouds in the area. Once this storm began to die off we headed further south to try to intercept some storms developing near Sweetwater, Texas. These storms died off as well before we arrived and so, we made our way to our destination of San Angelo, Texas in order to set us up for chasing tomorrow. While we were heading there, more storms were ongoing well southeast of San Angelo and we were able to see a lot of lightning from the backside of the storm. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together before checking into our hotel. We will be up and at it again tomorrow morning.

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