Sunday, May 21, 2017

Day 5 - Chase 2017

Day 5 (5/21/17): Del Rio, Texas to Odesssa, Texas (286 miles; 2251 total for the trip)

The team got up early again for an 8:30 am weather briefing for the developing systems within the area. Unfortunately, conditions did not look favorable for chasing. There was a slight risk of severe weather occurring throughout southwestern Texas. The slight risk for severe weather was largely due to the high probability of straight-line winds and hail occurrence. Having to travel further south for anything organized, we agreed that it would be best to better prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s chase and take the scenic route to see the beautiful nature of the Texas desert between Del Rio and Fort Stockton.

We left our hotel around 10 AM and took the scenic route called the Texas Pecos Heritage Trail. For the first leg of the trip, the road was near the Mexican border. We stopped in Comstock to see the confluence of the Pecos River and Rio Grande River, it started raining and we headed out. Our next scenic stop was in Langtry. On our way to Langtry, we were hit by a heavy storm that had lightning right above us. It finally lightened up and we made it to the Judge Roy Bean Museum that had interesting history to learn. We continued on to Fort Stockton and had lunch at K-BOBS Steakhouse. After lunch, we made our way to the last stop for the day in Odessa, Texas. Although we did not get to chase today, we were able to really take in the history and nature around us.

Panoramic shot from the overlook near Comstock, Texas. The river in the foreground is the Pecos River and off to the left is where it empties into the Rio Grande River and Mexico. (Photo by Shelby Kelter)

Luke Beringer ponders the meaning of life while enjoying the view at the overlook. (Photo by Shelby Kelter)

Some of the artifacts at the Judge Roy Bean Museum. (Photo by David Kolodziejski)

The bridge along US 90 over the Pecos River; some of the team members were not to thrilled about having to go over it. (Photo by Gabe Szerlong)

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