Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chase: Friday, May 23, 2014

We apologize for the delay it was a late drive to our hotel. We will be in the eastern New Mexico/western Texas area today chasing. Here is a recap for yesterday's chase.

Today’s weather briefing was held at 9am with a target city of Artesia, New Mexico. We took a short detour through Roswell and once we were there and got a weather update we decided to continue to move south to our target city. Once in Artesia, we had lunch and then continued to move more southward toward Carlsbad, New Mexico. Once in Carlsbad it was determined that we should shift east to Jal, New Mexico. Leading up to and outside of Jal we watched the formation of numerous thunderstorm cells. Outside of Jal we stopped to take photos of the cells. The storms fell apart rather quickly and so we attempted to catch a cell outside of Odessa, Texas; but we were unfortunately too late to see anything. We stopped in Odessa for some BBQ and headed for our hotel. While heading north we noticed the formation of some a storm cells to the West. We detoured to get some photos of the sunset and then moved west to capture some lightning photography. Tonight we lay our heads in Levelland, Texas.

Lightning from an isolated cell near Eunice, New Mexico. Photo by Johnathan Wleklinski.

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