Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chase: Saturday, May 24, 2014

Today started at 9 am with our weather briefing. It was determined that we would travel south to Odessa, Texas. Once in Odessa we stopped for lunch and decided to travel further southwest towards Monahans, Texas. We drove south out of Monahans and when storms started to develop to our east we headed that way towards Big Lake, Texas. Outside of Big Lake we spotted our first of three supercell thunderstorms of the day. Each of the cells contained large shelf clouds shrouded by green skies indicating large amounts of hail, wall clouds continuously cycling in strength, and produced tornado warnings. While observing the third storm we witnessed a large formation of mammatus clouds. When returning to Odessa for the night we stopped to take some lightning and sun set photography.

Shelf cloud with green color hail core south Big Lake, Texas. Photo by Kristen Anderson.

Mammatus clouds on the under side of the anvil on a storm near Iraan, Texas. Photo by Kristen Anderson.

Beautiful way to end our very active chase day. Photo by Brian Schanen.

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