Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chase: Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This morning when we held our weather briefing, we were already very well situated within today’s area of severe weather risk. We decided to head east somewhere near Lucerne, Colorado and update ourselves on the weather there. A powerful supercell was moving east very slowly out of Denver, and we moved south to intercept it. Around the town of Last Chance, Colorado, we saw a weak wall cloud on the back end of the storm. Mammatus clouds dotted the anvil of the storm overhead. The supercell had multiple tornado warnings on it during the day, but we weren’t able to see a tornado. Still, it was a very successful day. Tonight we are in Goodland, Kansas, and are planning to leave early tomorrow to head down to Texas in preparation for the next few days of severe weather.
Wall cloud west of Last Chance, Colorado. Photo by Matt Schmit.
Mammatus clouds on the back of the storm north of Burlington, Colorado. Photo by Matt Schmit.
Sunset as we drove from Eastern Colorado to Goodland, Kansas for the night. Photo by Matt Schmit.

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