Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day #3 (Non-chase day): May 21, 2013
Starting Point: Denton, Texas
Ending Point: Childress, Texas
Mileage Traveled: 291 (Trip Total: 1390)

There were no storms in the Great Plains as the system that had brought storms to the region over the last few days ejected up into the northeast part of the United States. during our morning weather briefing the students in charge focused on positioning ourselves for Thursday's chase in the Texas Panhandle region. We had some time to spend in the Dallas-Fort Worth area before we needed to head to our target city. A group decided to go visit the Dallas World Aquarium and the rest caught a matinee baseball game between the Rangers and Oakland A's. Both groups had fun at their activities and we met up afterwards and headed towards the panhandle. The city we stopped for the night was Childress, Texas which sets us up good for chasing in the area for Thursday. Here are some pictures from our outings:

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