Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day#10 (Chase day): May 29, 2013
Starting point: Amarillo, Texas
Ending point: Shamrock, Texas
Mileage Traveled: 182 (Trip Total: 4871)

The target area for the day was Shamrock, Texas. We chose this area because conditions looked to be good for the development of storms. However there was no cap in place so the storms began to develop earlier then expected. We then made our way to Childress, Texas where storms began to develop. To get get a better vanage point we dropped to the south. As the storms progressed we made our way to the north where we stayed and watched the storms pass.  After the storms passed we began to head north. On our way north we saw hail in the fields and stopped to check the size of the hail, which was golf ball sized.  We finally made our way to Shamrock, Texas where we chose to stay for the night.

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