Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day #4 Target area: We are getting ready to head out to our target area near Plainview, Texas. Today is setting up to be a decent day for supercell thunderstorms to develop. The upper-level wind patterns are going to support some slower moving storms which is good when chasing. We will keep everyone posted throughout the day.


  1. Thanks to Amy for explaining how to post, I've been trying to break into this cryptic system for days.

    I hope you picked a nice route up on to the Southern High Plains surface. The road coming on north of Plainview at Silverton has a very nice exposure of the caprock and a great view to the Rolling Red Plains to the east. There is a nice small museum in Plainview that may be open, if you have time to kill. Other must see's for kids from WI include the Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo and "The Strip" in Lubbock. The area around Hale and Swisher Counties is impressively flat and should be marveled.

    Look for "fence line dunes" that formed during the Dust Bowl, as I need a good digital photo of one. They are scattered about wherever the surface sediments are sandier.