Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day #8 (chase day): May 27, 2013
Starting Point: Hays, Kansas
Ending Point: Hutchinson, Kansas
Mileage Traveled: 404 (Trip Total: 4151)

NOTE: We have had some issues getting videos prepped for posting. Once we return we will put together videos of the storms we have been tracking. Until then enjoy the still shots we have been posting.

Today we got a late start to the day because we drove late into night to put ourselves in our target area for today. The forecast indicated there was a lot of instability and the area looked good for severe weather and tornado production. We left our hotel and hung out around south of Hays, Kansas near the frontal triple point. The frontal triple point is where three types of fronts all meet. This placed us in a good point for supercell development. We noticed clouds developing to the the southwest so we drove north hoping we let it pass in front of us. That storm was not intensifying so we decided to catch up to some additional storms to the north. We went up to Jewell, Kansas where we witnessed a funnel cloud (as of yet there were no tornado reports issued). We watched lightning as the sun set and the storms moved away from us.

We stopped last night in Hutchinson, Kansas and will be heading towards Woodward, Oklahoma for today's storms. Below are pictures of the team hanging out waiting for storms and the funnel cloud we spotted.

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